Tričko Supreme ze 100% bavlny. Nášivka s vyšívaným logem Supreme na hrudi.

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Kód: 517/L
Značka: Supreme
3 149 Kč
Kategorie: Supreme trička

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Supreme is an American skateboarding clothing brand founded in April 1994 in New York. The brand focuses on skateboarding, hip-hop culture. The brand's assortment consists of a wide range of shoes, clothes and various accessories. The typical and very well-known logo of the brand is made up of the white inscription Supreme written in the font Futura Heavy Oblique on a red background of a rectangular shape. It is often referred to as the "Box logo", due to its rectangular shape. Traditionally, the best sellers are limited editions, in our offer you will find Supreme sweatshirts, Supreme t-shirts, Supreme caps and Supreme accessories.